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Lottie Element

A custom element for the YOOtheme Pro Page Builder to display Lottie animations with a variety of triggers.
  • display eye-catching and engaging Lottie animations
  • choose from a variety of triggers
  • set the animation start and end points
  • add an optional link to the animation
Please note: The demo layout does not include the installation files for the element. It only includes the page builder layout of the demos on this page. You need to additionally install the plugin (or add the element via a child theme). For documentation on how to import a demo layout into the page builder, please refer to the YOOtheme Pro documentation on the Layout Library → Download and Upload Layouts.
Looking for the source code?
This element is part of the Herzog Dupont plugin. There is no separate GitHub repository for this element, but you can view and get the source code for it by checking out the source code of the Joomla! plugin. The elements are stored in the directory modules/elements/elements/.

Demo 1

Demo 2

Demo 3